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Parvo 05/13/2008

The pups started getting sick last week, the first one went quick. We thought maybe he got into some ant poison or a reaction from the de-wormer. Soon another male started showing signs of parvo. Not all the pups got sick right away. We gave them their shots and have been forcing Pedilyte on them trying to save them. Yesterday we had three pups die, only the scruffy one is left. She has been active most of the time. She ate some pork chops last night, which was great. The mother dog keeps looking for her pups, it is pretty sad.

Puppies are getting big 04/26/2008

Emma's puppies are big enough to find a new home. I haven't been able to get a picture of the sire. He is a medium size dog, all black with a white star on chest. He also has strong features. These pups are fat and healthy and I believe they are going make great hunting dogs. The mother, Emma is still young but is always trailing some critter in the woods by my house, she seems to have a good nose. I have one male and 3 females left. I am asking $25 for each or a small-meduim training hog.

Give me a call if interested 501.766.3901

Puppies 04/14/008

Emma our Catahoula pup gave birth to 6 healthy pups, 3 males and 3 females on March 21st. This wasn't planned, we had some males hanging around but we kept her in her kennel and tried to run off her suitors. Well, needless to say we weren't successful in keeping them away. In the picture below Matthew is having a great time with the pups while their mother keeps a close eye on them.

We thought maybe the sire was a golden retriever, but the pups look more like the neighbors dog. I am not sure what he is, I will post some pictures of him when I get them. The pups have their eyes open and are starting to venture out. All of them are solid black, some have white on their chest. One little guy thinks he is the star of the show, he likes to sing

Sad Day 10/22/07

Sunday Oct. 14th was a pretty low day at our house, we lost one of our Catahoula pups. Since around the first of October both pups were acting weak so I moved Emma out to a differant pen and she got better. Then Carmel started to get weak and she was throwing up. My wife took her to the vet, she had hook worms. They gave her some stuff to get rid of them and we started giving her canned food. She got even weaker. On Sat she collapsed. We brought her in the house and started hand feeding her broth and water. I thought she was getting stronger. She was ok at 1pm but when I got home at 5pm she was gone. I blame myself I should have paid more attention to her.

This was my favorite picture of Carmel.

Training Update 07/16/07

This past week I finnished my hog pen and got a small hog for training the girls. Jason also lent me the use of his pup, Rattler, a.k.a. Rat. This pup is a litter mate of my pups and he sure knows what to do when in with a hog.

My pups Emma and Carmel are still pretty skittish around the hog. Emma is starting to show interest and gets next to Rat and barks at the hog some. Carmel can only think about getting out of the pen. I think I am going to put just Emma and Rat in the pen and leave Carmel in the kennel a few times. I am hopeing if I get Emma working that Carmel will come around.

Below is Carmel showing interest in trying to find the hog in the thicket.

Emma is still showing her dominance over Carmel and with Rattler. When it comes time for feeding or a favorite chew toy the fight is on. Emma will leave her bowl to check out what the other pups are eating. In the picture below Rat was doing well until Emma stood up and knocked Rat over backwards down the porch stairs.

The girls training with the whistle is going great. When I blow that whistle or call them they stop whatever they are doing and come straight to me.

I will write more later. Check out the vidoe below.

Video of Pups in Hog pen Video

My Girls

I finally got myself a pair of hunting dogs. These 2 Catahoulas are going to make great Hog dogs.

Emma and Caramel were born around April 7th, 2007. They come from proven hoghunting bloodline. Pictured below are the Sir and dame and one of their litter mates.

I plan on starting to train them immediately. I figured the first thing will be their names and then some basic commands. They are both showing alot of spirit. Caramel was a little slow to get use to her new kennel etc. Emma started ventureing out right from the get go.

These dogs are breed for hunting and should prove to be great dogs if I spend the needed time with them.

Any training tips are greatly appreciated.

Big weekend June 16th

The pups are getting pretty big. Their legs are getting long and their paws even bigger. I have been working with them a couple of times a day. They are responding to a whistle pretty well. They are around 11 weeks now and growing quickly.

This past weekend turned out to be a big one for the pups. We went done to visit Jason the breeder where I got the pups. Jason had a small hog in a pen, so they got there first look at a hog. Their mother was also there healing up from a injury, she is a hogging machine. My pups where pretty unsure of all the excitement from the other dogs and the hog. They got in the pen and got ran over a couple of times and that was it, they had enough, they wanted out.

Jason was great in answering my questions and helping with the pups. I am looking at building a pen and getting a small hog for training. Jason gave me the advice I needed to figure out how to give the pups their first shots, didn't slow them down a bit.

I will try to update this page as the girls grow and learn.

If you got any pictures or stories about your dogs please send them to me.
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